2. Look for our school Chavez Elementary School

3. Upper Blue Tab - Click CATALOG

4. White Tab - BASIC

5. Narrow your search - Location - make sure it has our school name Chavez Elem.; Material Type: Book; Interest Level: K-6.

6. Under Refine Search - Type in the book that you would like to borrow then click the box that says keyword

7. Choose the book that you like and make sure that the book is available. (on the right side you would see a number of a number available. If it says zero, the book is not available)

8. After clicking on the book that you like, you will see the word hold it on the right side, click it to hold it.

9. I will see that you put it on hold and I will pull it out for you and bring it to your classroom. Please return the book a day before your library day. If you have any questions you can always email me at [email protected] and or call me at ‪(619) 512-9359

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